My namE is YAMAMOTO SAYURI LIM, I bLoweD my candLE 16 yEars agO on ocTobEr 23, 1994 aT yOkOhama kanAgawA, japaN. OriginaLly camE frOm zenTa okinAwa, japaN. The onLy onE pReciOus daugHTer oF Mr.YAMAMOTO KYUSAKI anD Mrs. YAMAMOTO CEDEL MAYUMI LIM tOgeTHer wiTh my peT rabbiT namEd SII-CHAN.  ObviOusLy I’m a haLf fiLipinO-japanEse wHicH is my daD is a japanEsE anD my mum is a fiLipinO. CurrEnTLy aTtendinG aT sEniOrs hiGh. Yuri is a kinD oF A sasSy ouTgOinG, pEcuLiar anD a littLE biT miscHievOus  usuaLly sEes as a wEird typE imprEssiOn tO oTHErs . . hEhEh `^_^weLl my cLosE friEnds saiD thaT I am apprOachabLE, easy tO taLk wiTh anD caN deaL wiTh oTHErs buT harD tO pLeasE . . (I dunnO wHy !?! hEhEh).  I geT angry anD criEd easiLy, I haTE  pEopLE wHO lovEs tO inTErfEre oTHers prObLEm, badmOuThing, dO sOmE nOnsEnsE sTuff . 😦 SucH an annOyancE ! .  I am a preTty gLuTtOnOus, my minD is occupiEd wiTh fOod. . 😀 I lovE eaTinG swEeTs likE icEcrEams, cHocoLaTes, crEpEs anD cakEs. You caN caLl mE naivE, yOu caN say I’m a chiLdisH onE, buT I am wiLlinG tO bE immaTurEd sOmEday ! . .:P .  You can’T sEe iT thrOugh wiTh my appEarancE buT I’m aN aTHLeTic gurL ` I usEd tO pLayEd pinGpOng, tEnnis, baDminTOn anD sucH . . I’vE bEen dEsirinG tO bE parT oF a rEaL biGgesT orchEsTra sOmEday, weLl I am parTicuLarLy  pLayinG viOLin anD pianO in Our schOoL. xd:  I havE aN arTisTic inTErEsT, in facT I lovE tO drAw, dEcOraTinG, dEsigninG anD wHaTsoevEr thaT reLaTed tO arTs . .  I’m a bOoklovEr espEciaLly iF iT’s abouT vampirEs, dETEcTivEs, rOmanTic cOmEdy, hOrrOr, suspEnsE, thriLlErs , schOoL liFE anD manGa. 🙂  AcTuaLly I am aN aLbeiT  inspirEd tO wriTE  sOmE recLusE nOveL on my owN ficTiOn. . hOpinG to bE agOod wriTter~ (onE oF my drEams)`kyaAa ~ .  Pink, purpLE, skybLUE anD whiTE arE thE cOLOr oF my LiFE. . . LOL 😀  takinG shOTs  in evEry wondrOus scEnEriEs sucH as  thE bEauTy of sky, ocEan, naTurE anD fLowErs makEs mE feeL refrEsHinG 🙂 . iT’s cOoL tO bE fOnD oF phOTograpHy. . I am friEndLy enOugH sO haTErs backoFf . . ! Yuri is this kinD oF typE pErsOn, sO can’T bE heLp . . I am mE , anD iT’s gOnnA bE mE ! . !

SO evEryonE pLeasE bear wiTh me . . tEe hEe hEe♥



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